Grave Care Options

At this time, the gravesites of your loved ones are not being tended to or preserved. When Zion Gardens was acquired, all previous contracts could not be fulfilled because the funds of the previous owners had been entirely depleted through the operation of the cemetery and by providing services until no money remained. Therefore, any previous agreement regarding endowed or annual care no longer exists after the transfer to Zion Gardens Management.

Since the transfer, Zion Gardens has created a new perpetual trust fund through Northern Trust Bank to properly endow the cemetery property. Zion Gardens has access only to the fund's income, not the principal.

The new management looks to take every possible step to create a safe, secure, and lasting future for those at Zion Gardens. A cemetery is a sacred place, and must be maintained in honor and dignity.  Proper grave care is your responsible interest, and your love of departed family members and ancestors is demonstrated through your financial support of this sacred space.

At Zion Gardens, we strive to ensure that all graves are preserved with dignity either on a temporary basis from annual payments or for generations to come from the net income derived from the Preservation Grave Care Fund. The ultimate responsibility for gravesite care rests with the families and loved ones of the deceased. Therefore, we want to ensure that options are provided so that this can be handled in a most accommodating way.  We have adopted a “green policy” with an emphasis on preservation rather than decoration. This approach requires less maintenance while still enhancing the site and maintaining proper grave care.

There are two Grave Care options to ensure that the graves of your loved ones are maintained in a respectful, dignified, and loving manner.

They are Annual Grave Care and Preservation Grave Care.

Annual Grave Care is offered each spring, and provides the guarantee of yearly general maintenance to the gravesite. For 2011, we will include the placement of new sod. We use a new sod that is environmentally friendly and eliminates expensive repeated hand weeding and constant watering.

Preservation Grave Care, which eliminates annual care payment, is the only way to provide care for the current and present as well as future years. This program includes maintenance of the monument, stripping of the old grass, re-grading of the area, adding necessary new soil, laying of the new sod, watering, fertilizing, mowing and trimming regularly and ensuring that the new sod takes. For 2011, and, for the next four years at no additional charge, we will also include two bouquets for the season, one for Spring/Summer and another for the Fall/High Holiday season. A one-time affordable payment assures that professional care is arranged to preserve the graves of your loved ones for generations to come.

With the Preservation Grave Care Program, there are no additional costs, annual invoices or unexpected surprises. If a one-time payment does not work for you, a flexible payment schedule can be arranged that will fit your budget. To learn more about all the benefits of Preservation Grave Care or to make arrangements for your Annual Grave Care Program, please call (773) 736-2553 or send us an e-mail at