Update Your Cemetery Records

In order for Zion Gardens to maintain the critical ownership information of your family graves, please take a minute to update your records for us.

This information can be submitted after completing the information below by clicking on the submit button located at the bottom of this page or via e-mail to ownershiprecords@ziongardenscemetery.com

You can also print this page and mail it to:

Ownership Records
Zion Gardens Cemetery
3600 Narragansett Avenue
Chicago, IL 60130

or via fax at
(773) 777-1847

Of course, all information remains confidential. We do not share personal information with anyone.

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Do you have any documents or information regarding the cemetery/gate organization? If you would be willing to share copies or original documents with us, please call (773) 736-2553, so that we may assist in preserving this important part of Chicagoland Jewish history with you.
If you have any stories to share about the organization then please write them down and include it with this form, or call us so we can arrange other means to capture and preserve your story.